Books By Ellis Amdur

I have written a number of books concerning de-escalation of individuals suffering from mental illness, particularly those who are aggressive. Most of these books are specific to a profession, such as police, social services or the like. All of my books can be located here.  Particularly relevant to many who visit this website, however, is In the Eye of the Hurricane . This book is most relevant to families who live with someone suffering from mental illness, or for whatever reason, frequently are unable to regulate their emotions. It is not only invaluable to families, but also for psychotherapists who work with the family. The book can be used as an aid to therapy and case management, where the counselor assists the family in implementing specific strategies appropriate to their situation.

(Please note: In the Eye of the Hurricane is not a manual on how to survive domestic violence. The victim of domestic violence is, in a real sense, a prisoner, and their goal must be on escape, not living within that situation. However, if you are in a violent relationship, do contact me through this website and I will attempt to assist you, either through consultation or referral to those who can help you).