Consultation Concerning Dangerous Situations

I offer private consultation for people who encounter troubling individuals: those who present a risk to either others or themselves.

This includes assistance with aggressive or suicidal people, as well as those struggling with mental illness, within your family, at the worksite or in other areas of your life. Information includes verbal de-escalation techniques, use of spacing, stance, eyes and voice to calm an individual or establish control, and physical evasion and protective tactics.

I also offers tactical assessments regarding stalkers (based on the information you and others provide), and then recommend actions that have the best chance of minimizing a stalker’s approaches. The goal of such assessment is to assist you in organizing the information that the stalker ‘provides,’ both to aid in keeping yourself safe, and to aid in effectively communicating your concerns to both law enforcement and, perhaps, to a prosecutor or other officials of the legal system.

Finally, I work with individuals who are being victimized in a violent relationship, be it emotional or physical abuse. I will assist you in understanding what is actually happening, because violence is so devastating that you can get a) overwhelmed and then confused what you should so, or b) so intimidated that you believe yourself to be too powerless to escape. I will assist you in making a decision when or even if you should leave, and how you should most safely do so. Such decisions are often tactical–safety concerns rather than psychological issues, but in either case, I will provide the consultation necessary for you to do what needs to be done.  Finally, I will assist you in gathering your resources, so you find yourself to be strong enough to make the best decision for you (and often for your children).

This consultation can be face-to-face or over the phone, depending on the requirements of the situation. Although emotional issues can certainly arise–issues that I am committed to assisting you–this work is primarily a consultation concerned with figuring out the best way to establish a safer life for you and your loved ones.

When necessary – and only with your permission – I will consult with other experts in threat management, including law enforcement, to ensure that you can achieve safety and well-being. (If you engage my services, you will receive a set of ‘intake forms’ that outline more information on this).