Consultation for Mental Health Professionals

I assist psychotherapists, social workers, and other mental health professionals who need either clinical and tactical consultation.

Clinical consultation focuses on the art of psychotherapy:

  • recognizing what is going on within yourself that may impede or enhance therapy
  • recognizing what is going on within the client: determining what the client is communicating when they speak and when they do not
  • recognizing what is going on between you and the client.

Tactical consultation concerns dealing with aggressive or otherwise problematic clients. I work to assist you in recognizing transference and counter-transference situations that can arise with dramatic suddenness in frightening situations, as well as augmenting the skills you need to insure your personal safety as well as that of your clients and others involved. Without the ability to accurately assess danger and ensure safety, you will not have the spaciousness (‘room to breathe’) to do effective clinical work.