Individual Consultation

Individual Consultation

When you come to consultation (or counseling for that matter), you have a sense that you are ‘out of true,’ in the sense that a carpenter would use the term. It is my task to help you achieve a state where all the aspects of who you are ‘lined up’ so that you can live your life with dignity and grace. For example, were you born without sight, your task would be to live well in a world of darkness, where sound and smell and touch create a texture of perceptions as rich as that of any sighted individual. Similarly, what has already happened to you, no matter how ugly or traumatic, cannot be undone: it has already occurred.  I will work with you to help you live at your best, respecting the human being that you already are. This can only occur when you live courageously, regardless of your circumstances, and take responsibility for your role in making the changes you desire.