I meet with clients in their home or at another place of their choosing. I do not maintain an office for meetings.

Duration of Sessions

Sessions are ‘as long as it takes.’ Rather than fostering dependency, I wish you to acquire the necessary strength to not need consultation. Paradoxically, this is best achieved in longer sessions, often two, even three hours. Sessions come to a natural close, either when sufficient work as been done, or an issue fully worked through. We can certainly architect a session to a specific time limit based on your financial situation. It is then my responsibility to ‘titrate’ the session so that it comes to a completion point at a specific time. If it is necessary to go over that time, I assume responsibility for that and will not charge you beyond a pre-agreed time.


My standard fee is $130 per hour, billed in ¼ hour increments. My travel time is not included in this fee if you are local to me (in driving range from north Seattle). If travel time is generally beyond 45 minutes each way (and not simply because of a traffic jam on a particular day), you will be responsible for payment at $65 per hour.

I am paid at each session, and can take cash, check or credit card. I am not on any insurance board. If you wish to submit a request to your insurance company for partial or full reimbursement, I will fill out any necessary paperwork, but I make no promise that the insurance company will reimburse you.

Long Distance Consultation

In this model, I fly to your locale for a weekend. We meet over two days, for up to six hours a day. In addition to all therapy fees, you will also be responsible for all travel expenses.