About Ellis Amdur

EAPhotoI received my B.A. in psychology from Yale University in 1974, focusing at that time on the work of James Hillman’s Archetypal Psychology. I received an M.A. in Phenomenological Psychology from Seattle University in 1990.   I am both a National Certified Counselor and a State Certified Child Mental Health Specialist.

I have released twelve instructional books concerning communication with seriously mentally ill individuals and verbal de-escalation of aggression. Among them:

  • In the Eye of the Hurricane  is the book most relevant to families concerned about the wellbeing of a loved one with mental illness, or for therapists and case managers to work with families in this area
  • Grace Under Fire is the book most relevant to therapists to hone their own clinical skills in the de-escalation of aggressive individuals, particularly those suffering from mental illness.

Among the most important post graduate training I have undertaken has been nine months of work with Ron Kurtz’s Hakomi Therapy, a body centered approach. I also trained with David Schnarch in three separate week-long intensive workshops, plus three additional 1 and 2 day workshops. Schnarch’s work, in particular, has profoundly influenced me in the way I approach relationship consultation.

Consultation is one aspect of services that I provide through my business Edgework: Crisis Intervention Resources PLLC.