Edgework Consultation

 Work Based on Dignity and Integrity

Welcome to the individual consultation website of Ellis Amdur.

I offer consultation for individuals and  for those in intimate relationships, coaching for parents who are struggling with their children, mediation for groups and collectives in conflict, consultation concerning dangerous people in your life, and consultation for mental health professionals concerning both therapeutic issues and safety.

My work is focused primarily on your dignity and integrity. Dignity is the external manifestation of self-respect, a state of mind that can only be acquired when you become a person of integrity. To achieve this, you must learn skills to manage the unpredictable—and even more important— face your life as it is given, not as you might wish it might be.

My style of communication is direct. We engage in a dialogue, using plain language. I will speak to your strength rather than appealing to your weakness. I do not engage in ‘psychological archeology,’ requiring that you reveal and discuss each and every aspect of your past history. Rather, we only focus on the aspects of your past that are relevant because they are currently influencing your life in negative ways. You learn to recognize dysfunctional patterns that you are living out right now. When you learn to reorganize these patterns in a way that serves your integrity, the past ‘rearranges,’ and its influence upon you changing radically for the better.

Sessions or consultation meetings are in your home (or another location of your choice) rather than my office, and sessions often run two or three hours. I find longer sessions enable people to finish in a single session what might otherwise be delayed for long periods of time.